Using Interarchy (formerly Anarchie) for FTP

Interarchy is a cheap but excellent FTP program for the Mac. You can retrieve and find out more about it at their home page.

To begin, launch the Interarchy icon shown below.

Answer the shareware message shown.

Choose File->Get via FTP... from the menu bar:

The following dialog will appear:

Complete the boxes based on your own website. For sites hosted on a Cobalt server, use Path="/web"; for Apache servers, use Path="/public_html". Be sure to fill in your name and password that correspond to your web site.

Click "Save" to save this as an Anarchie "bookmark" for later use. Click "List" to show a directory listing of your home directory:

Use the "Remote" menu to Delete, Rename, and create new Folders as needed:

To transfer files, simply drag and drop them from between the Interarchy windows and your Macintosh Finder.

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