Eudora (Email) Setup

Audience: These instructions are for users who have already setup an Internet connection. If you have not done this yet, please see the section entitled "Installing & Configuring FreePPP / MacTCP".  



1. Locate the "PPP Folder" on your desktop. Double-click it to open it.

2. Double-click the "Eudora (FAT)" Folder to open it.

3. Locate the "Eudora Light" icon. This is your email program. Double click this anytime you want to read your email.

Double click "Eudora Light" now to set it up.

4. You should be prompted to enter some information the first time. (If not, choose "Settings" from the "Special" menu, as shown).

You can return to this window in the future by choosing this "Settings" menu option.

If not already done so, choose "Getting Started" in the list at the left. Fill out this screen as shown.

Instead of "yourusername", type the User ID (login name) you were assigned by NetCarrier.

Your "Real Name" will appear on outgoing mail.

5. Click on "Personal Information" at the left to access this screen.

Complete this screen in a similar manner, as shown.

6. Complete the "Hosts" section as shown.

7. Complete the "Checking Mail" section as shown.

8. Complete the "Checking Mail" section as shown.

There are other sections in this "Settings" area that can be adjusted to your taste, including some of the screens shown here. But for now this is adequate.

Click "OK".

Thatís it for setting up email!

9. Now try to compose an email message by choosing this menu option.

10. Create a message like the one shown and click the "Queue" button to put it in the "Out" box.

11. When youíre ready to dial the Internet (if you havenít already), choose "Send Queued Messages".

(You can verify that your dialup connection is working (by clicking "Connect" in FreePPP or "Open" in MacPPP)).

If you arenít dialed into the Internet yet, PPP should begin dialing now.

12. Similarly, if you want to check for incoming email to you, choose "Check Mail".

If youíd like to receive a test message by someone from the NetCarrier staff, just call and ask for one.

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