FreePPP 2.5v2

Installing FreePPP

1. Double click on the "Install FreePPP 2.5v2" icon to begin installing FreePPP.

This step will require you to Restart your Mac.

If the Installer program complains that you need version 2.0.6 of MacTCP, contact NetCarrier for assistance, or try your luck at updating MacTCP.

2. This installation creates a folder called "FreePPP Folder" which contains "FreePPP Setup". This will be in the top-level directory of your startup Hard Drive.

Open this folder now.

Configuring FreePPP

1. Double click "FreePPP Setup" to begin configuring FreePPP.

REMEMBER: Whenever you need to make changes to FreePPP, go to this folder and launch "FreePPP Setup". For now, you might even want to drag "FreePPP Setup" onto your desktop from this window for easy access.

2. The main screen is shown. (If your window is smaller than this, click the small "arrow" in the lower left of the window to expand your window.)

Click the "Accounts" tab to create a new account.

3. Click the "New" button:

4. Create your "NetCarrier" account as shown.

Phone Number:

Contact NetCarrier for the proper phone number for your location and account type or check our phone number page.

If you have Call Waiting on the line connected to the computer, disable it by preceding it with:

*70, ...

Make sure you enter the "User Name" and "Password" in the proper case (usually all lower case), with no spaces.

5. Click the "Connection" tab and complete it as shown. However, these settings will often vary depending on modem type.

If you know a working Modem Init String for your modem, you may enter it here (if this field does not appear, ignore this information). Otherwise, you may leave it blank for FreePPP to automatically detect.

Click the "Options" tab.

6. For "IP Address", click "Assigned by PPP Server".

Click OK to complete the Account creation.

7. Go to the "Locations" tab. Select "Home" and Click "Edit".

8. It is not generally necessary to specify anything special on this screen.

Click "OK".

9. Return to the "General" tab and complete the window as shown.

Make sure "Connect to:" is set to "NetCarrier".

Now click the "Modem Setup" button.

10. Most users can simply complete this screen as shown here. You may also want to check Hangup on Disconnect.

If you chose earlier to specify a particular Modem Init String, click the "Use Init string from account configuration" radio button.

Click "OK".

11. Now click "Open MacTCP" to open the MacTCP control panel.

(You can also access MacTCP from the Control Panels Folder in your Apple Menu, or in the System Folder on your startup Hard Disk).

REMEMBER: Whenever you need to make changes to your MacTCP settings, one of these two methods is how you get there!

12. Select the FreePPP icon. Ignore "IP Address" and click "More".

13. Fill out the screen as shown.

Ignore the "IP Address" and "Routing Information" sections completely!

14. Thatís it!

Restart your Mac to begin using your Internet software.

We recommend returning to "FreePPP Setup" and pressing the "Connect" button to test to make sure everythingís working.

REMEMBER: Unless you have a separate phone line for your modem, you canít use the Internet and the phone at the same time!

If you have any problems, double check your setup. If your problem persists, note the behavior of your Mac when you try to connect, and call us.

email Dave with corrections and suggestions.
Everything here is copyright Dave Kitabjian.