Global Village Modems

X2 or Flex?

GV 56K modems can be either Flex or X2. Here's how you tell which type you're dealing with (external modems only).

1) Turn over the modem.
2) Near the UPC barcode, there is an alpha-numeric code.
3) Read the first two characters of this code. Here's what they mean:

   TU -> V.90
   HA -> V.90 (but different firmware revision)
   EM -> Flex
   XA -> X2

Scripts and Firmware

There are two software approaches you can take to fix troublesome modem connections: using a newer/better Script for that modem (equivalent to a Windows modem driver), or updating the Firmware in the modem. Often a new Script will do the job and it's less trouble and risk. However, if that doesn't fix it, try the latest Firmware.

Start at their Software Locator and find your modem on the page. Then follow the links for the needed software. Here's how to install modem scripts.

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