Installing Modem Scripts

Modem Scripts are equivalent to Windows Modem Drivers. If you have a wrong one or old one or suboptimal one for your modem, you may be unable to initialize the modem, complete a connection, maintain the connection reliably, or achieve a good connection rate. It's almost always recommended to get the latest & greatest script from your modem manufacturer's web page.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Find the modem manufacturer's web page. 
TidBITS may be a good starting point. Otherwise, go to Yahoo!.

2. Find the support section. Find your modem. Find the script.
Sometimes they're called "ARA", "OT/PPP", or "CCL" Scripts.

3. Download it.

4. Decode and unstuff it, if necessary. 
StuffitExpander is all you need.

5. Install the script. Drag the file to:

     Hard Disk / System Folder / Extensions / Modem Scripts /

6. Open the Modem Control Panel.

7. Choose the script you just installed from the list.

8. Close the Modem CP and save.

That's it. Begin dialing via the PPP Control Panel. No rebooting, no fuss.
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