Reinstalling MacTCP

Sometimes MacTCP gets hosed and you need to reinstall it (just like TCP/IP in Win95). Also, some people have an old version of MacTCP (2.0.4) that refuses to upgrade to the needed 2.0.6 using the patches I provide. So these people need a new copy, too.

There's no "CD" to get a fresh copy from, so if they don't have any source to get it from, we have to send them a floppy.

Removing MacTCP
1) Hard Disk / System Folder / Control Panels / MacTCP -> Trash
2) Hard Disk / System Folder / MacTCP DNR -> Trash
3) Hard Disk / System Folder / Preferences / MacTCP Prep -> Trash

1) Go to Finder (click once on Trash can)
2) From menus, Special -> Restart

Installing MacTCP
1) Drag fresh copy of MacTCP (from floppy?) to:
	Hard Disk / System Folder / Control Panels / 
2) Restart (the DNR and Prep files are created automatically at Restart)

Setting Up MacTCP
1) All TCP/IP settings are now gone, so reenter them into:
   Hard Disk / System Folder / Control Panels / MacTCP
per the instructions described elsewhere.



p.s. All newer Macs have the Open Transport software, so you won't have to worry about any of this.

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