Updating MacTCP to v2.0.6

The latest version of MacTCP is 2.0.6. Version 2.0.4 works fine with MacPPP, but FreePPP requires version 2.0.6. The upgrade is free and simple, but you have to know how to apply it. For convenience, NetCarrier's Mac Documentation floppy provides this patch in a subfolder.

1) Find Mac Documentation folder (normally already installed on HD)

2) In there is a TroubleShooting Tools folder. Open it.

3) In there is something labelled "MacTCP...". If it's a folder, open it(I don't remember).

4) Run the Installer (it might be the only thing there). Extract toDESKTOP when prompted.

5) After extracting, find the new folder on the Desktop. In there willbe a MacTCP 2.0.4->2.0.6 Update program. Run it. When asked where MacTCPis, navigate to it in System Folder/Control Panels/MacTCP.

6) Select MacTCP and hit Patch or Save or whatever.

7) Restart the Mac (reboot).

8) Try installing FreePPP again, and hopefully it won't complain. If itdoes, we have to mail them a MacTCP floppy (our version is already2.0.6).

p.s. All newer Macs have the Open Transport software, so you won't have to worry about any of this.

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